Walls are always a representation of strength and security. It is of crucial importance when designing your walls with claddings, as it requires strength and beauty at the same time.

It takes hard work and extreme dedication over creating a space of your imagination!

Yes, nowadays it’s all an interior designer’s job to spruce up your space with your demands, but it is harmless if you have some basic knowledge about the trends and product details that are trending in the market.

Let us dive into some exterior stone cladding ideas and the types of stone claddings you can look into when making your dream space!

Stone Cladding Design Ideas

Stylish and timeless exteriors are every home owner’s dream.

The way your exterior looks has a lot to say about your individuality and passion.

Here, we have put together some exterior stone cladding ideas to check out when planning to decorate your wall!

Exterior Accent Wall

In this type of design, you can get a picture-perfect entrance as the walls of the building face is stone cladding.

You can choose the stone as per your preferences for the stone wall cladding for your exteriors.

You can go with sandstone or tiles, which are cost-effective options.

Granite and marble stones can also be used if you wish to have grandeur and richness for your property!

Patio Wall

Walls can define a space and provide security.

For a patio wall, bluestone is the best choice as it can give the calm a patio demand!

Make sure the colour of the wall coordinates with the rest of the landscape and design to get the perfect outdoor spot!

Outdoor Living Room Accent

When it comes to types of stone cladding in India, this particular type of outdoor living room accent is gaining popularity.

Natural stones can be used for the walls in outdoor living rooms as it is durable and can set the space apart.

This type of wall can be used as a separator from the other space in the house.

Exterior Dining Area

An exterior dining area can be separated from the rest of the space by putting up a stone cladding wall and can make space stand out!

This is a great addition to the exterior stone cladding ideas if you are planning one!

Budget is an important factor but there are many low-cost ideas. Choose your product from the best natural stone suppliers in Kerala

Pool Area

Why not transform your pool area to a more entertaining one?

Natural stone wall cladding for the fire pits, seating and waterfall features can make the pool area attractive.

It improves both style and functionality and can blend well with the landscape.
Points to remember before selecting the right stone cladding for exterior walls:-

Stone cladding designs are of several types and your decision on what materials depends on your imagination, but never compromise on the quality of the material. Get some information about the cladding stone Kerala

Types of stone cladding for your walls

stone cladding

Many of us might have seen natural stone wall cladding which is a great addition to the ambience of the space!

Sedimentary rocks, Metamorphic rocks and Igneous rocks are used to get the stones for the cladding.

Pay attention to the type, size, finish and durability of the stones before making the decision.


This category of stones includes almost twenty shades with a hint of blue. Aesthetically revealing and with good durability, these stones are high in demand.

2. Limestone

Limestone is ideal for building faces because of its versatility and ease of use.

Colours in limestone are pure beiges, subtle brown and pure whites.

3. Slate

Slate is a great option to add to your exterior stone cladding ideas as it is the fine-grained metamorphic stone which has an elegant and sophisticated appearance.

Its excellent water resistance and low maintenance slate have become a prominent architectural element in modern designs.

Small samples from the manufactures and the large format stones might be a little different in texture and finish.

So, just for an extra information check for the quarry details from where the stones are from!

4. Sandstone

If you are someone who adores patterns on your walls, sandstones are the best!

When considering stone cladding for exterior walls, sandstones can offer custom designs and profiles.

Other advantages are low maintenance and no reapplication of paint!

We hope you have got a brief about exterior stone cladding ideas which you can incorporate in your designs for your home or any other projects.