And then I have nature and art and poetry, and if that is not enough, what is enough? – Vincent Willem van Gogh

The quote above is true in all sense, as humans no matter how technologically advanced we are, we always have a strong yearning for the lush and green. That’s where a unique landscape and environmental surroundings come to play a huge role, where tranquillity predominates in the natural environment.

A beautifully landscaped garden is every home enthusiast’s dream. Garden landscape with pebble stone flooring is in demand, as it gives aesthetic value to your landscape without hampering the natural elements in it. We will take you through some finely curated garden designs with pebbles which you can try out in your gardens, backyards or any free space that you can utilize in your indoor environment.

If you are on the go, to design your garden or backyard there are few criteria to be considered and the most important one is sustainability.

Indoor small garden under the stair

White pebbles in between the green plants and blossoming flowers!

Architects and engineers are always challenged with these issues on how to utilize spaces in their house and especially space under the stairs are always a big question. Of course, you can use it for storage purposes, but won’t be suitable for small homes as it tends to crowd the area. With evolving versatility in designs, it is great to follow the trend of setting up a calming stone and water garden under your stairs.

This method is the best way to decorate your unutilised space inside the house effectively to make it a visually appealing garden design with stones and pebbles.

Now we have got the idea, the question is what kind of pebbles stands best for indoor spaces?

White pebbles are the best choice as it gives a picturesque and also you can make the space bigger than it is. Also, the white colour which is in contrast to the green plants will make the place stunning.

So, your own indoor pebble garden ideas can be incorporated with these and make your space elite.

You can add some beautiful orchids or bamboo plants to bring in that aura of peace and happiness.

Green Landscape with pebbles

A beautiful landscape will promote and protect your well being and the quality of your life.

Tree of shades and shrubs that direct cooling breezes help you refresh your minds and reconnect with nature.

You can enhance the landscaping around your house or offices, restaurants, etc with small fences and fountains and adding these little pebbles on the borders.

Or try laying pebbles on a pathway or in between the garden lawn to make it a unique visual experience.

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Pebble Pathways in Courtyard Garden

pebble stone garden design ideas

Sipping that hot cup of coffee on a cold morning, just sitting in your beautiful garden?

Yes, life is all about enjoying those little moments!

The whole process of transforming a concept of habitat, to a structure, to a house and then finally to home takes a lot of effort and dedication. It is ultimately the place where you can unwind yourself and relax.

When it comes to garden designs with pebbles, consider paving your main path with stones or wood and pave the borders and middle portions with pebbles to get that sleek finish.

Even the size and shape of the pebbles will work differently depending upon your environment.

You can pick from flat, round or elliptical pebbles or mix and match from all of them.

Once you start, you can dive into these types of pebble stone garden design ideas to adorn your space.

A well-maintained home gives immense pleasure and contentment and that’s what we all want!

Backyard garden with rocks and pebbles

Backyards always bring those beautiful memories of childhood. Women chattering, children playing, the sweet aroma of home-cooked food and the small vegetable garden which gives those intense back home feeling.

So why not add some gorgeous garden designs with pebbles and enhance that special place in your home?

You can add pebbles in between the rock pavements and also fill those empty spaces between the huge trees in your backyard.

The texture and finish of the stones are really important for that perfect detailing. You can use white marble pebbles, also can try out pink, yellow, black and brown according to your taste.

If you want a fresh natural looking garden, a perfect idea is to mix and match pebbles. In case, if you have an eye for a polished garden, go for monochrome pebbles.

Don’t stick on to just flowering plants, plant those veggies like cucumbers and tomatoes and some herbs and leaves which you can pick and add fresh to the hot boiling pots!

Pebbles for Pot Plants

Do you know that despite adding to the ambiance of the space, using pebbles in your garden has got benefits?

Pebbles can retain moisture in the unplanted areas of your garden, reducing the need for watering.

How pretty are those planters filled with your favorite colour pebble stones! If you love huge planters, consider planting a euphorbia or Daffodils, and spread these white pebbles in those pots.

You can keep a huge planter with pebbles at the corner of your living room.

This you can use both indoor and outdoor as there are many options of plants like Jade Plant or African Violet or Chinese Evergreen for huge planters.

Also, you can add some cute little pebbles in the glass pots with some indoor water plants and succulents!