For those beautiful walkways!

A beautifully paved entrance is a dream for every home enthusiast.

It is important to pave your beautiful walkways and entrances with fine quality types of paving blocks for both durabilities and to get an aesthetic value for your property.

Let us dive into some of the types of paving blocks you can consider when building your home or if you are planning to renovate your space!

Know your Options

Before you decide on what material should be using for your yard or patio, first Know your Options.

There is a wide variety in the types of paving blocks to choose from when you think of paving your walkway.

Choose a thick material at least 3cm to support foot traffic and the weather conditions of the location. If the path is regularly used, go for flat pavers.

When choosing the colour, check the colour when the stones are wet, otherwise, it would turn out to be a surprise.

You can try out patterns rather than sticking on to plain slabs. At the same time be aware of the maintenance issue you might be facing later.

If the pathway is heavily trafficked, consider a concrete slab with symmetrical patterns and good quality colours that do not wear off easily.

Paving areas can change the aura of the entire space but first, prepare a checklist with the discussed points on choosing from different types of paving stones.

It can be a great idea to spruce up your landscape.

Why Cobblestones?

Aesthetic Value :

Cobblestones are just perfect for an old world touch for your space. Cobblestone architecture is timeless and functional

You can opt this without any doubt as it gives you a European feel or an Old Canadian touch and is a time tested approach to design to spruce up your pathways.

Tons of design opportunity:

Cobblestones, out of these types of paving blocks will give a unique aesthetic value to your property, which makes you stand out from the rest and also gives a good reselling value.

Load-bearing Capacity :

These natural pavers have a high load-bearing capacity making it ideal for heavy vehicles and high traffic.

Apart from paving driveways, cobblestones can be used to pave patios, pool decks, balconies, terrace and walkways.

In public areas, this can be used in bus stops, crosswalks, and footpaths, as it can bear light to heavy loads on a daily basis without damage.

Before taking the decision on what material should you be using, check out the best paving stone suppliers in Kerala and then go for your choice.

Bricks are always classy!

different types of paving blocks

Bricks have been used to pave walkways and courtyards since ages.

It is the natural clay from which bricks are made and such a great environment-friendly option for pavements.

It is durable and hard and can withstand high loading. Due to its slip-resistant and textured surface, it is less likely to face accidents due to wetness.

So for high security and safety, bricks are a great option!

Also, the reddish tone can give you the warmth you are longing for!

The Magnificent BlueStone!

This one is a mix of sandstones and other materials, have a magnificent blue colour which can be shaped into any desired shape of your choice.

The colour of the bluestone is determined by the depth from where the stone is quarried. The deeper the unique colour it will be!

Check for their toughness and texture for longlasting pavements.

Next time you have an idea to pave your or your friend’s backyard, go for this amazing natural stone for a fresh and magnificent feel-!

Limestone for an Old World Look!

With limestone/Tandur stone, you can easily create an antique or an old-world look.

This is ideal for both exteriors and interiors, whether it is your kitchen countertops or be it your swimming pool deck.

Limestone has got many varieties out of which Kadappa limestone is the one which is in demand.

So, we hope you have got a brief idea about the types of paving materials you can choose before building your patios or courtyards.

The beauty and elegance of an entrance pavement are important but choose a material which suits your location and weather as it has to be functional and long-lasting.