Colours can create magic! Be it in your life or the space you live in!

For any space for that matter, the colours and colour combination can make up space or break the space!

Hence it is of vital importance to choose the perfect colours or colour combinations when it comes to designing a space.

Granites are always a representation of grandeur and richness! This natural stone gives an aura of elegance and sheer royalty!

So let us see how important it is to choose the best granite colours for your space and a list of those awesome colours to help spruce up your interiors!

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Black – The Best Granite Colour Ever

Black is the strongest of the neutral colours, can be used to bring out the mystic and elegant feeling at the same time. It is one of the most popular granite colors because of its versatility.

Black coloured granites can be used for flooring your living area and it is perfect for kitchen countertops

Absolute Black

If you have an eye on a polished or modern look, you can go with absolute black.

This colour granite can be used for kitchen countertops and kitchen flooring as it blends well with cabinets and countertops.

Black being one of the best granite colors for the kitchen will give a timeless and classic appearance for your kitchen.

Pair up the black granite with wooden cabinets, to get that traditional feel! Or with beige colour or glass cabinets for the perfect contemporary style!

Remember, nothing can go wrong with absolute black!


This variant of black is excellent for houses with kids and it is stain-free and has bluish hue on it.

You can use these pieces for floors as well as countertops and it is indeed one of the best granite colors for the kitchen especially.

Other Variants of Black

Black galaxy is also one of the best granite colors and is a more family-friendly choice as the white flecks on it mask any smudges.

Black pearl is also an amazing variant of black. With its grey, silver or golden hues can reflect the light in your eye and is an excellent choice for those who seek luxury in their design!

Why not some bold colours – Red, Blue, Yellow and Green?

Great choice guys!

Choosing these bold colours is a bold decision.

Bold colours, if incorporated with great design ideas can create magic and an unforgettable look.

If you are using any of these colours, blue, green or red, remember it is going to be the centrepiece of attraction and keep the other elements subtle so that it’s not crowded!

Blue granite is considered to be one of the most expensive granite colors because of its availability and the place of extraction.

Trust this, you will be praised for this choice of colours and your space will be discussed by the guests for sure!

So plan your budget carefully before deciding on choosing the best granite color for your house.

After all, it is a natural stone, which contributes to your investment and beauty at the same time.

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White is always classic!

white granite


If you are someone who adores classics and elegance, white is the best option.

They can go with any cabinet colour, and is one of the popular granite colors now!

There are many variants of white depending on the percentage of quartz in it and many other criteria.

These are chic and aesthetically beautiful and perfect for high traffic areas of your house.

Let us see about some of the variants of white, one of the most popular granite colours for living rooms and kitchens.

River White

As the name suggests, the sweeping lines on this white granite is just like flowing river water.

It is perfect if you want to look at your space bigger and can go well with dark and light contrast beautifully.

White is a popular granite color used in eclectic designs which is now trending in interior designing.

Other variants of white

Kashmir White

These are salt and pepper stones which have black heck on white granites.

As absolute white marbles are impossible to find, people choose these variants of white to make amazing designs.

Delicatus White, Ice White, and Himalayan White all the other best granite colors in white which can create mesmerising designs and can be a treat to you and your guest’s eyes!

Evergreen Colours for your House Designs

Apart from the colours discussed above, below are some of the popular granite colours you can choose if you are into designing the space to create unlimited versatility!

Hope, now you are aware of some of the popular granite colors names and features, and we are sure this will help you to design your space the way you have always wanted!